The Great Hits Channel

John & Heidi In The Morning (6a-10a)

Start your day with John & Heidi.  They are a married couple doing something most couples wouldn' together everyday!

Middays with Cindy Scott (10a-2p)

Get through your workday with great music and Cindy Scott.  Not only does she play the greatest hits of all time, but gives you the "weird news of the day", Girl/guy news of the day and something we can all use..the "Feel Good Story of the day"!

Afternoons with Chris Russell (2p-6p)

Get to the end of your workday faster with Chris Russell.

Evenings with Terry Dean (6p-10p)

Sit back and relax with the greatest hits of all time and Terry Dean.

Late Nights with Jay Williams (10p-2a)

Fun and music to keep you going into the wee hours of the's Jammin Jay Williams with the greatest hits of all time!

The All Night Satellite Frank Bruno (2a-6a)

Keeping the greatest hits playing all early mornin''s Frank Bruno!